Best 4 Live Streaming Apps

Live streaming is becoming very popular these days. If you want to go live too and wondering which app would be the best, here are some options for you.



There is absolutely no denying that Periscope is one of the finest live streaming apps available today. Periscope became popular in a very short span of time and was quickly acquired by Twitter. You can broadcast the videos live using your Android or iOS device. You have the option to download Periscope on computer but for that you will need an Android emulator. The app lets you broadcast the videos to the rest of the world publicly. But, if you need to restrict the viewers, you can also use the private broadcasting mode.



Going live has become very trendy on Facebook. From celebrities to common people, anyone can try this new featured offered by Facebook. Facebook Live lets you broadcast your videos using the Android or iOS app. You can broadcast the videos from a Facebook page, group or your personal profile. You can choose the privacy setting of the app to make the broadcast public or private. The choice is all yours.



Streamup is also a great way to broadcast your videos live. This app offers many features and makes the streaming more interactive. Streamup aims to be the first internet based live television service provider. You can use the app to go live directly. It also supports encoders that allow you to add cool overlays, special effects, filter and a lot more. Streamup also offers a revenue based system. You can monetize your videos and earn money from it. It is a great app to live stream the videos anytime anywhere.



Livestream isn’t just a live streaming app; it is a broadcast platform that allows you to broadcast your videos to millions of people. It provides complete internet broadcasting solutions including software, hardware and other products required for production. The livestream videos can be shared with Twitter, Facebook, and Livestream users. You can embed the video on other sites as well. There is a chat feature that lets you engage with your live audience. The audience engagement can also be monitored with the help of the analytics tools. Live stream is not free and the base plan is for $42.

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