Best 4 Messaging Apps for Android

Android has plenty of messaging applications. All you need is go to the Google Play Store and get them. Here is the list of the top 4 messaging apps for Android.

WhatsApp :

Does this app need any introduction? No, of course not! We all use this app every day. It is the most popular IM app on the Android as well as other mobile devices. WhatsApp lets you send text chats and also make video calls. You can also share pictures, audio notes, files, contacts, location, and more. WhatsApp is very easy to use. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular. You can download it for free and use it for free too.

WhatsApp app-

Kik App :

Kik isn’t the most popular app on this list but it has already exceeded 300 million downloads so far. This number is the fair judge of its popularity. Kik, like other messaging apps, allows you to send instant text messages, make video calls, share pictures and videos etc. It has a unique ‘Group’ feature. You can join other people’s groups on similar interests or you can create your own. You can also look up for groups. Despite of, the company has denied to bring any PC version of Kik so If one wants to use Kik on pc then he must download any Android Emulator.


Messenger :

Designed by Facebook, this is another very popular messaging application. Facebook has a chat feature allowing you to chat with people who are already using Facebook. Messenger app is dedicated to Facebook messaging. So, if you wish to quickly send a message to someone without having to open Facebook account, you can use the Messenger app. This app has also been downloaded more than a billion times. You can make video and audio calls or send text messages, videos and photos using this app.


Hangouts :

This IM app from Google is also very popular. It allows you to contact all the people who are connected to you on Google+, Gmail, or Hangouts itself. Like other apps on this list, it lets you share videos, photos, etc. You can also make video and audio calls. Hangouts is rapidly becoming the least popular apps as most people are moving on to apps like Kik and Messenger. However, it still has millions of users to boast of.

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