The Best Apps for Guitarists

Like everything in the contemporary world even Guitar Lessons have gone online, meaning you can learn guitar without a physical teacher.  Approximately 20 million people play the guitar in US alone and imagine what the numbers will be if you try to calculate for the world.  Therefore, we have many very good applications to learn guitar.  Some of the best applications to learn Guitar are:

Beginner Guitar Songs:

Full of video instructions on how to start playing a guitar if you a starter this Application is a hit with the newbie.  It starts from the tuning process then quickly moves on to how to play some of the basic songs followed by some of the more difficult routines.  Users have given good review of the host in this Application.  This application is absolutely free.


Songster Guitar Tabs:

This Application has a fee of $19.99 however it has a special feature; it gives notes of popular songs in tablature format making it easy for the novices to play it without going much into detail as to how and why etc.  You also have the option of going offline and practicing your favourite songs while being offline.


Guitar Lessons from How cast:

This application has a fee of $1.99 and the instructor starts from the basic and gives important information reasonably slowly.  There are about 140 videos for you to go through.  At the end of lessons if followed correctly you become a fair basic guitar player.



If you own a Mac you can easily learn guitar on GarageBand Application using the tutorials provided on it.  The information is given in a very logical manner and the navigation is exceptional.  Reviews of GarageBand application by Apple have been very good.  Most in the US love their Guitar and they love their Mac too. If you are PC users, then you can download Garageband on PC.



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