How to use iMessage on windows PC

Do you want to use iMessage on your Windows PC? Well, the truth is that this app is excusive to the Apple devices. Hence, you cannot use it officially on your PC. But there is nothing to feel disheartened about. Undeniably, iMessage is a great instant messaging app and everyone wants to use it regardless whether they have one of the Apple devices or not. So, what are your options?


The good news is that there are two ways to use iMessage on your Windows based computer:

  • By using the Chrome remote desktop extension
  • By using the OSX emulator

We will look at both the options briefly.

Remote Access Using Google Chrome Browser

You can use the remote access feature of Google Chrome browser to use iMessage on your Windows PC. However, there is a catch. You need to have a Mac computer too in order to do that. This method is meant to allow you to remotely access iMessage online and other Mac apps in case you are not carrying the Mac computer with you. Here is how you can do it:

  • Install the Chrome browser on both the computers – PC and Mac
  • Open the browser and go to settings (available in top right dropdown menu accessed by clicking the button featuring three vertical square dots)
  • Click on ‘Extensions’ on the sidebar on the left (you can directly enter chrome://extensions/ in the address bar).
  • You will see the list of the current extensions. Scroll down to the bottom and click ‘Get More Extensions’
  • Search for ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’ and install it on both the computers
  • Enable this extension on Mac computer. Not down the access code.
  • Open Chrome on Windows PC and click on ‘Connect Remotely’
  • Enter the access code
  • You will be able to access the apps from here including iMessage

Using the emulator

iPadian is the most trusted OSX emulator. Download and install this app from

Once this emulator is installed you can open it and download all the apps that are available to Mac OS. You can also install iMessage app on Windows PC using the emulator.