Best 4 Messaging Apps for Android

Android has plenty of messaging applications. All you need is go to the Google Play Store and get them. Here is the list of the top 4 messaging apps for Android.

WhatsApp :

Does this app need any introduction? No, of course not! We all use this app every day. It is the most popular IM app on the Android as well as other mobile devices. WhatsApp lets you send text chats and also make video calls. You can also share pictures, audio notes, files, contacts, location, and more. WhatsApp is very easy to use. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular. You can download it for free and use it for free too.

WhatsApp app-

Kik App :

Kik isn’t the most popular app on this list but it has already exceeded 300 million downloads so far. This number is the fair judge of its popularity. Kik, like other messaging apps, allows you to send instant text messages, make video calls, share pictures and videos etc. It has a unique ‘Group’ feature. You can join other people’s groups on similar interests or you can create your own. You can also look up for groups. Despite of, the company has denied to bring any PC version of Kik so If one wants to use Kik on pc then he must download any Android Emulator.


Messenger :

Designed by Facebook, this is another very popular messaging application. Facebook has a chat feature allowing you to chat with people who are already using Facebook. Messenger app is dedicated to Facebook messaging. So, if you wish to quickly send a message to someone without having to open Facebook account, you can use the Messenger app. This app has also been downloaded more than a billion times. You can make video and audio calls or send text messages, videos and photos using this app.


Hangouts :

This IM app from Google is also very popular. It allows you to contact all the people who are connected to you on Google+, Gmail, or Hangouts itself. Like other apps on this list, it lets you share videos, photos, etc. You can also make video and audio calls. Hangouts is rapidly becoming the least popular apps as most people are moving on to apps like Kik and Messenger. However, it still has millions of users to boast of.

Google Allo Makes Video Calling Super Easy

Allo is a new messaging app launched by Google. It is in fact a smart messaging app and is hoping to rival other messaging apps such as WhatsApp and iMessage. Google Allo offers smart functionalities that are not present in the other apps. It features a virtual assistant that is built in to the app. This assistant has been named as @Google. It plays videos, searches the internet, suggests responses, and does a lot of other things for you.

Allo incorporates the machine learning technology of Google and is available for Android and iOS devices. Yes, it suggests responses based on your app habits. However, it may not suggest the correct responses in the beginning. It needs to learn your habits by observing your behaviour on the app.


Video Calling with Allo

Many people are wondering if Google Allo can actually make the video calls. It is not really a video calling app but it can make video calls in a way. In fact, it makes video calling pretty easy too.

Allo has been launched by Google alongside its new video calling app named Google Duo. This new video calling app is said to become the biggest competitor of FaceTime Android version in the coming time.

You can use Google Allo to make video calls. However, you will need to have Google Duo installed too. So, when you hit the video calling button on Allo, it will launch Duo. This is exactly how FaceTime and iMessage work. When the iMessage user opts for video calls, FaceTime gets launched.

Allo could be the next big thing

If truth be told, Allo hasn’t really picked up yet in terms of number of users. It uses artificial intelligence and the responses seem to be pretty bland and canned in the beginning. This is something that may put the users off.

However, the machine learning technology of Google is pretty effective. Over time, the app learns your behaviors better and provides more personal responses. Use of virtual assistant is growing. While this app may seem strange in the beginning, it is very likely to become popular in the future.

How to Transfer Files Quickly from Mobile to PC

Many of us quite frequently transfer files from our smartphone to PC and vice versa for which we generally make use of a USB cable. However, there exist many applications that enable the users to transfer files quickly from their smartphones to PC without the need of connecting the device to the PC via a USB cable. These apps allow the users to share files between your PCs, smartphones and other devices without any direct connection.



Shareit is a popular and quite commonly used app for sharing or transferring files quickly between different devices. It enables users to share audios, videos, music, photos, apps and much more with other devices. Moreover, it does not require any internet connection for sharing of files between devices. It works quite well in comparison to Bluetooth and allows you to share huge videos and files across other devices with almost 200 time faster speed. You can download Shareit app from this link –



Xender is another handy file transfer application that helps the users to transfer contacts, music, files, apps, videos, pictures and much more. This app also supports transfer of files between two different platforms like between Android and iOS which. Moreover, you can also enjoy the feature of group transfer which means multiple receivers and just one sender. This is a quite unique feature of this app which makes is an ideal app for quick file transfer.



Zapya is one of the fastest apps used for cross platform file sharing and file transfer. The app does not need any Wifi or mobile data connection to function which means you can transfer and share files even in offline mode. This quick file transfer application boasts of having more than 300 million users all over the world. The app completely supports cross platform file transfers i.e. quick and easy file transfers between iOS, Android, MAC, and Windows PC without any difficulty

The Best Apps for Guitarists

Like everything in the contemporary world even Guitar Lessons have gone online, meaning you can learn guitar without a physical teacher.  Approximately 20 million people play the guitar in US alone and imagine what the numbers will be if you try to calculate for the world.  Therefore, we have many very good applications to learn guitar.  Some of the best applications to learn Guitar are:

Beginner Guitar Songs:

Full of video instructions on how to start playing a guitar if you a starter this Application is a hit with the newbie.  It starts from the tuning process then quickly moves on to how to play some of the basic songs followed by some of the more difficult routines.  Users have given good review of the host in this Application.  This application is absolutely free.


Songster Guitar Tabs:

This Application has a fee of $19.99 however it has a special feature; it gives notes of popular songs in tablature format making it easy for the novices to play it without going much into detail as to how and why etc.  You also have the option of going offline and practicing your favourite songs while being offline.


Guitar Lessons from How cast:

This application has a fee of $1.99 and the instructor starts from the basic and gives important information reasonably slowly.  There are about 140 videos for you to go through.  At the end of lessons if followed correctly you become a fair basic guitar player.



If you own a Mac you can easily learn guitar on GarageBand Application using the tutorials provided on it.  The information is given in a very logical manner and the navigation is exceptional.  Reviews of GarageBand application by Apple have been very good.  Most in the US love their Guitar and they love their Mac too. If you are PC users, then you can download Garageband on PC.



Best Useful Video Editing and Recording Software

First of all, we would like to introduce you with “Video  Editor”.  Video Editor is a tool with which you can edit your own recorded videos or even uncut films. Nowadays, everyone wants to feel as a filmmaker or cinematographer applying visual effects to the videos through video editing tools.  Here, we have made huge collection of such video editing tools that will help you to make perfect videos. Let’s check them once.


CamStudio is capable of recording video at all controls that happen on the desktop. Recording takes place in the well-liked avi video format. The software lets you to move all the actions in the Flash file format (SWF), therefore you had the opportunity to make a presentation, or to move data to your web source.



Bandicam is able to record while working with other applications, such as games, video, video player and other programs. You can also shoot an image with just a monitor, or from certain areas, but in the end of the program the user sees a good quality of multimedia file.


SONY Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas is very popular name amongst editing software. It’s not only used by beginner , but also by the professionals. It supports all the file formats and doesn’t  require too much RAM on the system. It provides multi-track recording, editing as well as assembling video streams. This is a comprehensive video editing and enhancing software that makes its own functionality and feature for the professionals. It can be alternative of iMovie for windows.


Adobe Premiere Pro

In today’s era, video editing has been everyone’s need but which application to use for this? And, we know there is big competition in the software market and we can see lots of similar applications. Adobe Premiere Pro is highly skilled software created by Adobe and used everywhere in editing profession. It comes with all the necessary features including transitions, effects and sample audios.  If you want to enter into editing industry, then it would be great choice to start with it.

adobe Premiere Pro-sonimextreme

Format Factory

Format Factory is well known video converter cum editor used by millions users for converting video files to mobile format. The company has added more additional features to this and it’s getting huge attention by editors. It’s easy to use and doesn’t take lots of space on your system. Few times, your device is set to a specific format, for example, which is not supported by your TV, and you wanted so much to show the video to your guests. And what do you ask, how to do?  Download Format Factory in such situations.


VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Editor is  a free software, developed on flexible editing of video, extremely pleasant to the user and also gives him sufficient option to hand along with sufficient ease of function even for beginners.