Google Allo Makes Video Calling Super Easy

Allo is a new messaging app launched by Google. It is in fact a smart messaging app and is hoping to rival other messaging apps such as WhatsApp and iMessage. Google Allo offers smart functionalities that are not present in the other apps. It features a virtual assistant that is built in to the app. This assistant has been named as @Google. It plays videos, searches the internet, suggests responses, and does a lot of other things for you.

Allo incorporates the machine learning technology of Google and is available for Android and iOS devices. Yes, it suggests responses based on your app habits. However, it may not suggest the correct responses in the beginning. It needs to learn your habits by observing your behaviour on the app.


Video Calling with Allo

Many people are wondering if Google Allo can actually make the video calls. It is not really a video calling app but it can make video calls in a way. In fact, it makes video calling pretty easy too.

Allo has been launched by Google alongside its new video calling app named Google Duo. This new video calling app is said to become the biggest competitor of FaceTime Android version in the coming time.

You can use Google Allo to make video calls. However, you will need to have Google Duo installed too. So, when you hit the video calling button on Allo, it will launch Duo. This is exactly how FaceTime and iMessage work. When the iMessage user opts for video calls, FaceTime gets launched.

Allo could be the next big thing

If truth be told, Allo hasn’t really picked up yet in terms of number of users. It uses artificial intelligence and the responses seem to be pretty bland and canned in the beginning. This is something that may put the users off.

However, the machine learning technology of Google is pretty effective. Over time, the app learns your behaviors better and provides more personal responses. Use of virtual assistant is growing. While this app may seem strange in the beginning, it is very likely to become popular in the future.

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